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About Us

We are an Innovative Web Development Company

We are a company that is passionate about creating and breathing life into new projects. Whether this is a site for an already established brand or a platform crafted from the ground up for something new, each project is a challenge we approach ready and eager to conquer.


Modern Design

Sleek design, modern frameworks & a flair for the exceptional is how we tackle our design process.


Clean Code

Clean code not only means readability but also represents a clean website or platform. This is what we do.

100 %


100 %


112 %

User Experience

120 %



What We Do.

At Syntax Junkies we pride ourselves on our services and the hard work we do in order to achieve what you need. Here's a breakdown of what we offer:

Web Development

Whether it’s updates to your platform or a brand new site, we’re the people to go to if you are in need of some web dev.


Wordpress Development

Looking for a website but prefer to use a platform such as WordPress for your business or company? We can help!


Mobile Apps

The mobile app space is as thriving as ever, and sometimes you may not need a site but instead, a dynamic mobile app.



Design creates first impressions and shapes how people approach your company. We combine design & code to create an everlasting impression.



SEO is key to attracting attention to your site or company. With great SEO comes results & a positive audience comprised of visits and clicks.


Digital marketing

Traffic and outreach comprise a great deal of a business and the attention it garners. Syntax Junkies can hone in on these two pieces and boost your site.


Recent Works.

Curious about what we've worked on and how our work looks? Check out our portfolio down below!
Wordpress Development Florida
  • If all my bridge coach ever told me was that I was ‘satisfactory,’ I would have no hope of ever getting better. How would I know who was the best? How would I know what I was doing differently?

    • Bill Gates
  • "If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it's not."

    • Elon Musk

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